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  • TVMosaic gets a major update: full web interface, secure access with SSL and TVMosaic Docker container 27 May 2019

    Full web interface With this new build TVMosaic finally gets a complete web interface. Now you can not only configure your TVMosaic installation in a web browser, but also scroll through Guide, set recording timers, manage your TV recordi...

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  • TVMosaic configuration web interface is back and it is lightning-fast! 08 Feb 2019

    Web interface is the most-asked-for feature and is considered by many a major missing thing comparing to the good ol' DVBLink. But, not anymore. This new TVMosaic build resolves the issue, albeit partially for the time being. It brings b...

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  • SendTo gets smarter with commercials detection, MKV format support and DVB subtitles export 24 Dec 2018

    SendTo is arguably one of the most interesting and mystique TVMosaic features. Not everyone knows what it is and what it can do, but those who do use it on almost daily basis. While we are planing to bridge this informational gap by cre...

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  • TVMosaic Android app gets Chromecast support! 10 Dec 2018

    TVMosaic Android app gets Chromecast support! Introduction of the hardware accelerated transcoding in TVMosaic several months ago has opened a lot of new possibilities and applications. Today we add another exciting new feature, whic...

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  • VOD support for IPTV and a new ASUSTOR arm64 platform 18 Oct 2018

    VOD support for IPTV playlists Check! Another one of the often requested features is added - "Video On Demand" support for IPTV playlists! Customers can now use TVMosaic desktop client and Android/Amazon apps for both mobile phones and bi...

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  • GPU accelerated video decoding and transcoding in the TVMosaic Windows desktop app 11 Sep 2018

    Today's new build is all about efficient video decoding and transcoding in the TVMosaic desktop application for Windows. GPU accelerated video decoding The video decoder in the previous TVMosaic builds was good, but it has not used the GPU...

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  • Hardware accelerated transcoding 08 Aug 2018

    This feature was for a long time already on our todo list and requested many times by our users. And, finally, it is there! New TVMosaic build, released today, enables hardware accelerated transcoding on a number of the supported platforms. ...

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  • TVMosaic build for ReadyNAS 17 Jul 2018

    We are expanding platforms, where TVMosaic runs, and are excited to share the news with you: TVMosaic is now also available for NETGEAR ReadyNAS R6 products. The supported NAS models include Intel-based ReadyNAS 310/420/510/520 series product...

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  • ASUSTOR and DVBLogic Announce Limited Time Offer during 2018 FIFA World Cup 13 Jun 2018

    ASUSTOR Inc. announced that we have collaborated with DVBLogic to bring a special limited time offer to all ASUSTOR users during 2018 FIFA World Cup. From June 14th, 2018 to July 15th, 2018, after installing TVMosaic from ASUSTOR’s App Central,...

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  • The king is dead, long live the king! 27 Apr 2018

    After many years of the faithful service, the time has come to put DVBLink to rest. But, do not worry. We have a great successor - TVMosaic. This new product builds on the best DVBLink features and makes them even better. Visit our new website ht...

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