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Hardware accelerated transcoding

08 Aug 2018

This feature was for a long time already on our todo list and requested many times by our users. And, finally, it is there! New TVMosaic build, released today, enables hardware accelerated transcoding on a number of the supported platforms.

This new functionality opens a lot of new possibilities, like being able to stream artifact-free high bitrate channels and recordings on wifi or streaming on the go with a limited upload bandwidth or archiving recordings in mp4 format with SendTo to save disk space, you name it.

Hardware accelerated transcoding is supported on Windows, Ubuntu/Debian and Synology/NETGEAR/QNAP/ASUSTOR NAS products, having a compatible Intel CPU.  In our tests we have seen a speed improvement of at least 3x on high spec test machines. On the lower spec systems hardware transcoding makes a whole world of difference where TVMosaic capabilities jump from "almost not being able to transcode at all" to esily transcoding several streams at a time!

For the enthusiasts among our users, we have created a special transcoding infrastructure, which enables easy addition of hardware transcoding using other available techniques or adaptation of existing transcoding mechanisms to the actual platform specifics. The detailed how-to is available on our Wiki and, of course, we will be glad to help.

The new build can be downloaded from our TVMosaic webpage. Please, make sure to update both your server and client installations.

More information about transcoding in TVMosaic is available on our Wiki.


Faithfully yours,
DVBLogic team

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