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GPU accelerated video decoding and transcoding in the TVMosaic Windows desktop app

11 Sep 2018

Today's new build is all about efficient video decoding and transcoding in the TVMosaic desktop application for Windows.

GPU accelerated video decoding

The video decoder in the previous TVMosaic builds was good, but it has not used the GPU capabilities to its fullest. As a result, player sometimes had difficulties with the high bitrate/high resolution video content, especially on the power efficient mini PCs that are often used as media centers.

The new TVMosaic build for Windows makes much more efficient use of the the GPU capabilities. This results in a smooth and artifact free live/recorded TV playback for all kind of streams - SD, HD and 4K - which greatly increases TV watching experience.

NVidia accelerated video transcoding

Another important addition to this new build is NVidia GPU accelerated video transcoding feature.

Owners of the NVidia graphics can now also use it for the fast and resource efficient stream transcoding for either live/recorded TV viewing or for archiving recordings with the SendTo function.

The new build can be downloaded from our TVMosaic webpage.


Faithfully yours,
DVBLogic team

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