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VOD support for IPTV and a new ASUSTOR arm64 platform

18 Oct 2018

VOD support for IPTV playlists

Check! Another one of the often requested features is added - "Video On Demand" support for IPTV playlists! Customers can now use TVMosaic desktop client and Android/Amazon apps for both mobile phones and big screen players to enjoy videos from the VOD collection. TVMosaic categorizes video items according to the provider-defined groups and provides a convenient "search" functionality to quickly find a particular video.

The new VOD functionality is available not only in a paid TVMosaic version, but also as a part of free TVMosaic desktop installation on Windows/MacOS/Ubuntu/Debian platforms.

But, there is more to that! The VOD support is also part of a standalone TVMosaic Live! Android/Amazon app, meaning that you can enjoy not only live TV channels, but also VOD videos anywhere without the need for a server installation.

The new iOS/tvOS apps with the VOD support will be made available soon.

VOD library support is subject to the actual internet tv/iptv provider proposition.

ASUSTOR arm64 platform

ASUSTOR has recently presented its new NAS models: AS4002T and AS4004T. These products are using dual core 64 bit ARM CPU and are much faster than their ARM-based predecessors, while consuming less power. New TVMosaic build allows the lucky owners of these ASUSTOR NAS models to turn them into a PVR, which will record satellite, cable, terrestrial or IPTV channels directly to the NAS hard disk and distribute the recorded and live TV to clients on the home network and connected via Internet.

Installation notes

The new build can be downloaded from our TVMosaic webpage. Be aware that TVMosaic desktop installation is a server and a player at the same time. If your TV server is a NAS (or linux machine without user interface), please update both your server and your client installations with the latest TVMosaic build.


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