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TVMosaic Android app gets Chromecast support!

10 Dec 2018

TVMosaic Android app gets Chromecast support!

Introduction of the hardware accelerated transcoding in TVMosaic several months ago has opened a lot of new possibilities and applications.

Today we add another exciting new feature, which makes extensive use of it - Chromecast streaming. With this new feature you can easily cast live channels, recorded TV and VOD content to chromecast-enabled devices directly from your mobile phone or tablet.

Chromecast streaming requires the latest TVMosaic server build and transcoding support at the server host device. If your host supports hardware accelerated transcoding, it is highly recommended to turn it on as described on our Wiki.

The chromecast streaming is currently only present in the TVMosaic android app. Chromecast support for iOS devices is work in progress.

Chromecast support is also available in TVMosaic Live! app as a part of paid TVMosaic Plus functionality. The live channels casting works here only if your IPTV provider supplies channel url in chromecast compatible format.

TVMosaic and TVMosaic Live! android apps are available for a direct download from Google Playstore.

The latest TVMoaic server build for all supported platforms can be downloaded from our TVMosaic webpage.

** VOD content playability depends on the video format as supplied by your TV provider.


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