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SendTo gets smarter with commercials detection, MKV format support and DVB subtitles export

24 Dec 2018

SendTo is arguably one of the most interesting and mystique TVMosaic features. Not everyone knows what it is and what it can do, but those who do use it on almost daily basis.

While we are planing to bridge this informational gap by creating an extensive write up on the SendTo capabilities, we keep adding new things to make SendTo even better.

With SendTo functionality users can easily add their favorite TV recordings to the video library along with all their metadata. The new TVMosaic build adds extends SendTo with commercials detection, MKV output format support and DVB subtitles export features.

Commercials detection

A long standing item on our todo list - commercials detection. While difficult to do simultaneously during recording due to the extensive CPU requirements, it is a perfect candidate for the off-line SendTo operation. TVMosaic uses popular comskip application to detect commercials. The resulting EDL (Edit Decision List) file can then be used by video players, like Plex or Kodi, to skip commercial blocks during playback.

Not only comskip application does its job good, it also has a large community of the enthusiastic users, who tweak and tune comskip configuration to produce better commercials detection results for particular networks, broadcasters and TV channels. These optimized comskip configuration files can be easily used with TVMosaic as described on our Wiki.

Because of its extensive CPU requirements, commercial detection is currently only supported on x86-64 host platforms: Windows, MacOS, Ubuntu/Debian and x86-64 models from ASUSTOR/QNAP/Synology/NETGEAR.

MKV file format and DVB subtitles

Currently used mp4 output file format, while being versatile and supported by nearly every single video player, does not play good with the image-based DVB subtitles. That was the reason for subtitles to be dropped during SendTo operation. Until now.

The answer to this problem is MKV video file format. It combines the best of both worlds - wide video player support and support for image-based subtitles. The new MKV fomat can be chosen as a SendTo target formatter. DVB subtitles, if present, are automatically saved inside the output MKV file. Easy!

How to install / update

The new build can be downloaded from our TVMosaic webpage. if using TVMosaic on a NAS or Raspberry Pi, update both your client and server TVMosaic installations.

Please, refer to our Wiki

for installation and configuration help.

The full list of changes and fixes in this new build can be found on our forums.

And, last, but not least

DVBLogic team wishes everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Faithfully yours,
DVBLogic team

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